In 1997, nathalie cornille created her first show "La Baleine Rouge", a play for young audiences that met with great success, before creating in April 2000 her contemporary dance company, which is now based in Wambrechies in the Lille metropolis.




Performer, choreographer and artistic director of the company, nathalie cornille spreads her repertoire throughout Europe without forgetting her roots and her establishment, but on the contrary, by wishing to export a creative image of the Hauts de France region, from which she comes.




Influenced by architecture, contemporary art, photography, nathalie cornille transmits a certain idea of dance, close and abstract, poetic and sensitive, between installation and stage.




nathalie cornille combines creation for young audiences on the one hand, through playful, poetic and contemplative pieces, and projects for the general public on the other hand, investing unusual spaces and proposing participatory forms.




Her choreographic language and approach to scenography reflect an eclectic training in classical, contemporary and theatrical dance. His collaborations with the theatre (Théâtre de La Licorne, Théâtre en Scène, Avec vue sur la mer, Théâtre de l'Aventure) have been combined with his choreographic career. 




In addition to creation, nathalie cornille regularly organizes meetings to raise awareness of contemporary dance and movement. These meetings take place in schools, daycare centres, with entertainment or teaching professionals. They are co-organized with the company's cultural structure partners.












creations for young audiences:




2019 Ballroom - 1 to 5 years


2018 Zest and taste buds - 2 years and over


2017 La joie de vivre - 5 years and over


2016 Peeps - 2 years and over


2014 Mrs Butterfly - 3 years and over


2012 There was a chair - 5 years and over


2010 Changing March Break - Accompanied Babies!


2008 Chouz - 2 years and over


2006 Le B de Bizarre - 5 years and over


2003 Morning calm - 18 months to 5 years


2001 Picas' dreams - 5 years and over


1997 The Red Whale - 5 years and over




creations for all audiences:




2015 With you


2013 Snapshot


2011 Deam(bubbles)


2009 Decidedly, I'm so glad


2007 Poze


2005 Les Belles Minutes


2003 Bess


2003 Exit


2002 Skin lined


2000 Hands never lie


2000 Just






The Compagnie Nathalie Cornille broadcasts its shows in France and Europe.




Some examples of structures and festivals that have trusted us over the seasons:




- Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland.


- Culture Commune, Scène Nationale du Bassin Minier du Pas-de-Calais, Loos en Gohelle (62).


- Théâtre des Salins, Scène Nationale de Martigues (13).


- Le Vivat, Scène conventionnée pour la danse, Armentières (59).


- La Rose des vents, Scène Nationale de Villeneuve d'Ascq (59).


- Dieppe Scène Nationale (76).


- Festival Premières Rencontres, Cie Acta Agnès Desfosses, Laurent Dupont, Villiers Le Bel (95).


- Festival Off d'Avignon.


- Festival Luluberlu, Odyssud Blagnac (31).


- Mercat de Les Flors, Barcelona - Spain.


- Teatralia Festival, Madrid - Spain.


- Artemrede Teatros Associados - Portugal.


- Bim Bam Festival, Salzburg - Austria.


- Maison de la Culture de Tournai - Belgium.


- Festival 2 Turvenhoog, Amsterdam - Netherlands.


- Kindertanzfestival Kassel - Germany