choreographic creations for young audiences and early childhood,

participatory choreographic creations,

public awareness, collective dances,


performances and events.






Choreographic company created in April 2000 by nathalie cornille


located in the Hauts de France region,


we present our creations throughout France and Europe,


(Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, England, Scotland, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands).  





Sleep, maybe dream ?

creation project,

december 2020,

young audience

2/3 ans et +


indoor on stage

A gentle breeze

creation project,

december 2021

all audience




autonomous show

Zest and papillae

dance and cook

young audience

2 years and +



indoor on stage

Lesser purple emperor

dance and pop-up butterflies

babies and parents

1 day to 3 years



light technical data sheet, almost autonomous show


participatory dance


1 to 3 years, accompanied


stand-alone show


danse and birds

young audience

2 years and +


on stage

These shows are available on tour. 


 Our encounters with the public are opportunities for sharing, emotions, meaning, poetry...